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Wren Embroidery Hoop Picture

Wren Embroidery Hoop Picture

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Wren Embroidery Picture Hoop

Brighten up your space with this Wren Embroidered Picture Hoop. This artwork features a hand-painted wren printed on canvas, enhanced with colourful thread embroidery to create a lifelike bird design.

Each piece starts with the same wren print, but the embroidery makes every one unique.

Made and signed by Rosie Midwood, this 7-inch diameter hoop is a charming addition to any room and a perfect gift for any nature lover!

Product Details:

  • Hand-painted wren print on canvas
  • Embroidered with coloured threads
  • Each piece is unique
  • Signed by Rosie Midwood
  • Size: 7-inch diameter

Add this Wren Embroidered Picture Hoop to your home for a touch of handmade charm.

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