Hello and welcome to Curious Living!

I am Rosie, 26 years old, living in beautiful Buckinghamshire with my gorgeous Vislador Luna and my pretty awesome and very supportive partner Rob!

As the youngest of 5 I was so lucky to have childhood full of love and laughter.. whilst always being a tad chaotic!! We lived on a ‘small holding’ so animals were always at the centre; walking our dogs, feeding the chickens, horse riding and looking after our small flock of Jacob sheep, all of this made up a big part of family life.

It is absolutely this lifestyle that inspired the backbone of Curious Living. The fundamental inspiration of all my work is our British Countryside and capturing the joys of rural life. From dog walks through bluebell woodlands, to picking fresh vegetables from your own garden, I want to create work that celebrates these small, simple moments of joy!

My Journey So Far...


    Like many great things, it started as a side hustle. Whilst I studied Textiles at Loughborough University I created and sold a small range of embroidered artwork and cards both on Etsy and at Local Markets.


    After graduating I dived into the fast-paced world of fashion print design in London and the business had to take a back seat. Whilst I enjoyed my time in the city, my passion for the countryside and creativity called me back.


    So, December 2023 I went freelance as a print designer and threw myself full-time into creating Curious Living hoping to make this a sustainable and sucessful career!


    Curious Living's main mission is to inspire you to look around and enjoy the outdoors. I particularly love creating cheeky illustrations of British Wildlife and Pets for unique, handcrafted art and wares to be enjoyed in your own home.


    A multitude of techniques are used for designing and creating each product. Painting, Free Machine Embroidery and Screen Printing are all process's that help me capture the colour texture and character of the the charming wildlife and scenes I seek to depict.


    I create all the artwork; I draw/paint/print/embroider all the original artworks. These are then professionally scanned before being designed for products, from small greeting cards to cushions and fine art prints.


    Looking after our environment is so important to me. I use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever I can and all products are made in the UK.


    I am passionate about teaching the younger generation about the flora and fauna that surround us. It's all about sparking a love and respect for nature that will last a lifetime.