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Custom Pet Portrait Painting 50% DEPOSIT

Custom Pet Portrait Painting 50% DEPOSIT

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Custom Pet Portrait Paintings

Capture the unique personality and charm of your beloved pet with a custom portrait painting. Each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the individual character and essence of your pet, making it a cherished keepsake or a perfect gift for any animal lover.

Please note this is a 50% deposit for your pet portrait commission. The remaining payment due before posting. Postage cost will be calculated and added to the second payment dependant on the options you select

What You Get:

  • A high-quality, hand-painted portrait of your pet, created with attention to detail and love.
  • Painted with designer gouache paint.
  • Various size options to fit any space, from small desk displays to large wall hangings.
  • Customisable background colours and elements to match your home or favourite setting.
  • Available Framed or Unframed,


    • High-quality photographs of your pet to ensure an accurate and detailed representation.
    • Any specific instructions or preferences regarding the pose, background, or additional elements.


    1. Consultation (optional, this can also be done after booking the deposit if you prefer): Discuss your vision and preferences to ensure the final artwork meets your expectations.
    2. Deposit: Secure your booking with a 50% deposit, via website.
    3. Creation: Watch your pet's portrait come to life as I work on your painting, with updates provided throughout the process.
    4. Delivery: Once completed, the remaining payment is due, once paid, the artwork will be securely packaged and shipped to you. Postage costs will vary based on the chosen option.
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